Shalmali Sukhthankar

Back in 2008, I was struggling with nodules on my vocal cords. I had my 1st episode of the TV reality show Sa re ga ma almost at my doorstep. My ENT recommended that I should go to Dr. Nayak for voice therapy. I wasn’t sure if I could sing at all for my episode which was to be shot in a month or two. But after I started my therapy with Dr. Nayak I was totally fine by the time of my 1 st episode. My nodules had completely gone. Cut to 2017…. I had to improve my range for some songs that were high pitched. So I went to Dr. Nayak again for range improvement and right singing and breathing technique…And her exercises are proving to be very effective. With regular practice I can go to my upper range more easily. I can feel more openness in my voice now than prior to the therapy.

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