Communicate with Confidence and Authority
Perform with a Resonant and Expressive Voice
Inspire and Influence your Audience

Our one-to-one professional voice coaching is customized to your communication, performance and artistic needs. The coaching is designed to help you develop your own personal style to express yourself with confidence, clarity and freedom. The process integrates the principles of voice science, physiology and psychology with vocal performance and communication skills.

Our clients include corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, trainers, singers, actors, radio & television anchors, newscasters, sports commentators, voiceover & dubbing artistes, public speakers, media presenters, TEDx speakers, and those seeking personal and professional development.

What You will Achieve

Corporate, business and professional speakers learn to deliver their message in a compelling and powerful way to command attention, connect with the audience, and sound credible and clear in a variety of communication contexts. These include presenting to boards, influencing colleagues and clients, speaking at conferences and meetings, and speaking to the press and media.

Singers enhance their artistic expression through improvement in vocal quality, resonance, flexibility, stamina, projection and pitch range, and learn effective & healthy vocal technique.

Actors and voice-over artistes develop a free and flexible voice to express a wide range of emotions, find a deeper and more meaningful connection with the character, and learn powerful techniques to reproduce emotions effectively while dubbing.

News anchors cultivate the skills to bring the written word to life with the right tone and vocal delivery, sound conversational and authoritative, and develop on-camera presence.

How Professional Voice Coaching works

After an assessment of your voice, a personalized coaching program is designed and implemented to achieve your communication and performance objectives.

Level 1

Working on the Vocal System

The initial part of the training focuses on unlocking the full potential of your voice. We work on a scientific foundation of the vocal system, helping you explore the connections between your body, breath, voice, mind and emotions. This is a vital aspect of voice coaching to ensure that you develop a free, optimal and healthy voice for your professional needs.

Depending on your needs, the coaching includes :

  • Accessing your Authentic Voice
  • Developing a Fuller and Resonant Voice
  • Cultivating Appropriate Vocal Tone
  • Enhancing Voice Quality
  • Developing an Expressive Voice through Intonation and Voice Modulation
  • Developing Clear Speech through Effective Articulation
  • Speaking at the Right Pace
  • Learning to Pause and Avoiding Vocal Fillers

  • Improving the Flexibility, Pitch and Dynamic Range of your Voice
  • Enhancing Vocal Projection and Power without undue pressure on the throat and without straining the voice
  • Developing Vocal Stamina and Endurance to enable you to speak or sing for long hours without vocal fatigue and without getting hoarse
  • Learning to speak and sing in a healthy way to prevent recurring vocal problems and for Long Term Vocal Health
  • Mastering Public Speaking Anxiety to be your most Confident Self
  • Warm- up exercises for use before a presentation or performance

Level 2

Developing Skills for Effective Vocal Delivery and Artistic Expression

At this level, the training focuses on fine-tuning and applying your vocal skills to a variety of communication and performance contexts. We help you with clarifying and delivering your message, finding individual artistic expression, preparing and practicing effectively, developing presence, mastering body language, and achieving peak performance levels.

Depending on your needs, the coaching is applied to :

  • Public speaking including presentations, keynote speeches, TEDx Talks, lectures
  • Interviews, auditions, panel discussions
  • Press conferences, media interviews, guest appearances

  • Musical performances, acting, voice-overs
  • News delivery, reporting, radio & television hosting, sports commentaries
  • Peak Performance Coaching to achieve performance & communication excellence, when you are under pressure, in high-stakes situations. These include competitions, auditions, concerts, media appearances, pageants and high-end communication

Professional Voice Coaching is offered as one-to-one coaching at our center in Mumbai.

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