Speak with Precision and Clarity
Enhance Your Professional Communication

Our one-to-one training in accent neutralization, diction and speech refinement involves a comprehensive and systematic process for modifying speech patterns, utilizing the principles of speech science, phonetics and speech physiology.

Our clients include corporate executives, business and professional speakers, voice and accent trainers, HR professionals, public speakers, television anchors, actors, media professionals, students seeking educational opportunities in international universities, and those seeking personal and professional development.

What You will Achieve

  • Reduction of a regional accent and speaking with the right pronunciation will improve your professional and business communication, and enhance your professional image.
  • A global accent will improve your communication with international clients and colleagues. It will increase your chances of success, if you are looking for professional and educational opportunities in the U.S.A, U.K or Australia.

How Accent Neutralization, Diction and Speech Refinement Training works

After an assessment of your current accent, diction and speech, a personalized training program is designed and implemented to achieve your training objectives.

Depending on your needs, the training is customized to offer:

  • Speech Precision and Clarity through Effective Articulation
  • Pronunciation and Diction
  • Accent Reduction and Modification of a Regional Indian Accent or Mother Tongue Influence
  • Global Accent
  • Learning and Understanding the Indian English Accent for international professionals and actors working in India
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ Program in Global Accent and Accent Neutralization for aspiring voice and accent trainers, speech pathologists, corporate trainers, HR professionals, presentation skills & public speaking trainers


Accent neutralization, diction and speech refinement is offered as one-to-one training at our center in Mumbai.

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