Create Your Personal Vocal Brand
Be Perceived as Compelling, Credible and Charismatic

Presence is the secret to being perceived as charismatic. Regardless of your professional position or role, presence and gravitas are vital for success. When a leader with vocal presence speaks, people are inspired to take action. Presence is about bringing your best self to challenging communication situations. It is not about putting on a mask to create an impression on others. Rather, it is about learning to drop your physical, psychological and vocal barriers, so that you access your unique and authentic voice, to create a meaningful and powerful connection with yourself and with others.

A large component of vocal presence is non-verbal communication. Subtle elements like the tone of voice, pitch inflections, emphasis, pauses, tempo, and body language strongly influence an audience’s perception of a leader. When you are present, your thoughts, feelings and values synchronize with your self-expression through your body, facial expressions, voice and speech. It is what makes you compelling, credible and charismatic.

The coaching is designed for you, if you are aspiring for a leadership role in your profession, organization, field of expertise or in the public domain.


Leadership Vocal Presence is offered as one-to-one coaching at our center in Mumbai.

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