Match the Power of Your Voice to Your Professional Image
Make a Positive and Lasting First Impression

Your vocal image is one of the first impressions you make, when you meet someone and it is an impression that stays with them. Within a few seconds, your listeners assess you and make a decision about what kind of a person you are and what they think and feel about you.

Our one-to-one vocal image training is personalized to help you access and develop your ideal voice, based on your personality, profession and vocal physiology.

Vocal Image Training is designed to help you if

  • Your voice fails to represent who you really are- your personality, expertise, position and abilities
  • You speak with a high pitched, nasal or upwardly inflected voice, sounding immature
  • Your soft, shaky and hesitant voice conveys diffidence

  • You are consistently loud and perceived as dominating
  • You habitually mumble or speak too fast, making it difficult for people to understand you
  • You speak with a monotone and sound boring
  • You have a curt, unpleasant tone of voice that is perceived as rude

How Vocal Image Training works

After an assessment of your vocal image and comparing it to standardized norms, a personalized training program is designed and implemented, to help you access and develop your ideal voice by correcting habitual vocal and speech patterns.


Vocal Image Training is offered as one-to-one training at our center in Mumbai.

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