Certification in Vocology and Care of the Professional Voice

The certification program is designed for speech pathologists, otolaryngologists, voice therapists and voice teachers & coaches, who plan to work with professional and occupational voice users. Vocology is the science and practice of vocal habilitation and optimization, while care of the professional voice includes vocal health and rehabilitation. The program combines the principles of voice science, medicine and health with vocal pedagogy, theatre and music training, and its application to performance and clinical settings.

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Voice Teacher and Trainer Certification

The certification program is designed for singing & acting teachers, singers, actors, HR professionals, public speaking & presentation skills trainers looking for a career as a voice coach or seeking to learn more about the voice as a tool of communication & performance . The program incorporates voice pedagogy, voice science & vocal arts, and its application to public speaking and performing.

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Certification in Breath Therapy and Optimization

The certification program is designed for yoga teachers and practitioners, body workers, healers, trainers, speech pathologists, professional therapists & coaches working in the area of health, well-being and personal development. The training incorporates the physiology & anatomy of breathing, identification & correction of abnormal breathing patterns, breathing for mindfulness, and yogic breathing.

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