Peak Performance Coaching is designed to maximize your psychological potential to achieve communication and performance excellence. Psychological skills are as important as physical and vocal skills to enhance your performance and achieve your goals. Peak performance coaching helps you go beyond self-imposed limitations, break through your mental barriers and develop the mental skills to perform well under pressure. The coaching is based on mind-body approaches and performance/sports psychology.

Peak Performance Coaching helps vocal performers,professionals and vocal artistes

  • Learn mental skills to perform at peak levels
  • Develop mental strategies to achieve consistent levels of competence
  • Develop optimism, confidence and a positive belief system
  • Develop discipline, focus and concentration
  • Handle performance related stress and anxiety

  • Deal with negative self-talk
  • Set effective and achievable goals
  • Incorporate mental rehearsals to prepare for performance
  • Cultivate mindfulness and heightened awareness
  • Take your performance to the next level

Depending on your needs, the coaching is applied to prepare you for competitions, auditions, interviews, concerts, media appearances, pageants, public speaking and high-end communication.


Peak Performance Coaching is offered as one-to-one coaching at our center in Mumbai.

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