Dr. Sushant Shinde M.D

I am a doctor and a teacher. And teaching for long hours used to leave me with a sore throat very often. That’s when I met Dr. Sadhana Nayak. Before meeting her, I must admit that I was skeptical about how much she could help me as I had only read about her over the internet. Being a doctor added to my confusion, as this is a very unique field of medicine that not many doctors are trained in. However, meeting her was one of the best professional decisions of my teaching career. Her therapy and training helped me improve my understanding of the voice as a tool and to correct errors in my speaking technique while teaching. And the results have been amazing! Within weeks of her training, I could literally sing even after talking for 8 hours. I believe that anyone who needs to use his/her voice professionally should meet Dr. Nayak once. Learning the skills will prevent many mistakes that we all are prone to do. What’s more is your voice will find a new expression!

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