Dr. Shreedhar Archik M.S

I am a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and see about 40 patients a day on an average. I teach courses and conduct workshops and public awareness programmes. Eight years ago my voice just gave up one day. I was hoarse, could hardly talk even in whispers, had terrible pain when I spoke. I ignored it as a case of sore throat and it got really bad. I consulted Dr. Sadhana Nayak in sheer desperation. I had abused my voice so much that I had actually bled inside my vocal cords. I stopped my practice for a few days, went on voice rest. I recovered eventually but met a true specialist because of my illness. Dr. Sadhana put me on a voice therapy regime and taught me how to use my voice diligently. Thanks to her, I realized the importance of keeping the vocal cords moist, avoiding stress, precautions while exercising in the gymnasium. She has a holistic approach and made me realize that professionals like me who use their voice a lot, need to take special care.

Thanks to Dr. Sadhana, I reorganized my work schedule, my exercise routine and reduced a lot of stress generating activities. Since I was barred from raising my voice, I started to feel calm and became a good listener too. The testimony to her skills is the simple fact that I have had no voice related problems for the last 8 years, although I continue to teach and communicate with my patients on a regular basis.

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