Dinesh Rahubedde

I am fortunate to have met with such a wonderful professional and human being. She put me through a well-constructed and tailor made training program to transform my communication skills organically through mind and body. I truly admire Dr. Nayak’s professional approach towards the training program, the attention to detail and personal touch. She uses effective and excellent techniques and the entire training program is measured based on qualitative factors rather than being quantitative. In the end I had a great sense of achievement and had fulfilled the requirements as I had envisaged.  More importantly, with Dr. Nayak’s abundant knowledge and experience she was able to get the best out of me and elevate my confidence & leadership skills. With my experience of her coaching, I highly recommend Dr. Nayak’s corporate training program for aspirant corporate leaders. Thank you for your guidance and effort Dr. Nayak, all the very best!

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