Dr. Pushkar Shikarkhane M.D

Physician & Singer, Mumbai India

I am a consulting physician & started learning vocal music at the age of 35. As a colleague, I’ve always known Dr. Sadhana Nayak as an excellent  ENT surgeon and voice specialist. But I consulted her for myself when I developed a hoarse voice. I was about two years into my classical music training and I would enthusiastically take every opportunity to sing. I was making mistakes & ended up hurting my voice. Dr. Sadhana checked me thoroughly and diagnosed a polyp on my vocal fold. She explained my wrong doings patiently. Her prescription of a few medicines & recommended voice therapy exercises pulled me out of the crisis. Now even after 7 years of this episode, Dr. Sadhana’s exercises help me even now and my music training continues unabated. I sing on stage and my patients and well wishers are very happy to see me perform. I am very thankful to Dr. Sadhana Nayak and wish that her expertise and healing touch helps one and all.

Sameha Tabassum

Telecommunications Professional, Dhaka, Bangladesh

My voice had become hoarse and got tired easily after speaking. My doctor in Dhaka did a surgery for a polyp on the vocal cord. After that, my voice worsened so much that I was afraid to hear my voice and I was always mentally stressed because of my voice problem. Doing voice examination and therapy with Dr. Sadhana Nayak in India, gave me a lot of confidence, which I feel was very important for me. The therapy sessions and conversations with her were very inspiring. I got a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of my voice with relation to my body and mind and how to use my voice in a better way in harmony with my everyday life. Thank you Dr. Nayak.

Veenapani Chawla

Founder & Artistic Director, Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts & Research, Auroville, India

I consulted Dr Sadhana Nayak because she is an E.N.T specialist as well as a voice coach, who is not only a singer of Hindustani music herself, but has also trained with various Western voice and speech experts in theatre and music. I took advice and training from her with regard to my voice, which had developed some serious problems. She was able to locate the physiological causes and to advise remedial measures and exercises, which I have found extremely beneficial.

Vinay Mahajan

Founder & Director Loknaad, Ahmedabad India

Before consulting Dr. Nayak, it was scary to think that I may not get cured and not be able to sing. The voice therapy exercises and a better understanding of voice production have been just marvelous. Extremely satisfying experience due to complete attention paid by Dr. Nayak. Voice is back to good cheer.

Apoorva Gajjala

Singer, Finalist Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs 2009, Mumbai India

I consulted Dr. Nayak because my voice had become very hoarse. I could not speak or sing clearly and I could not sing the higher pitches. With Dr. Nayak’s training and treatment, my voice is back to normal. I can reach higher pitches with ease. Not only my voice but my body also feels relaxed. I can sing clearly. In the past I used to have sore throats very often. That has stopped completely.

Dr. Shreedhar Archik M.S

Orthopedic Surgeon, Consultant Lilavati, Hinduja & Global Hospitals, Mumbai India

I am a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and see about 40 patients a day on an average. I teach courses and conduct workshops and public awareness programmes. Eight years ago my voice just gave up one day. I was hoarse, could hardly talk even in whispers, had terrible pain when I spoke. I ignored it as a case of sore throat and it got really bad. I consulted Dr. Sadhana Nayak in sheer desperation. I had abused my voice so much that I had actually bled inside my vocal cords. I stopped my practice for a few days, went on voice rest. I recovered eventually but met a true specialist because of my illness. Dr. Sadhana put me on a voice therapy regime and taught me how to use my voice diligently. Thanks to her, I realized the importance of keeping the vocal cords moist, avoiding stress, precautions while exercising in the gymnasium. She has a holistic approach and made me realize that professionals like me who use their voice a lot, need to take special care.

Thanks to Dr. Sadhana, I reorganized my work schedule, my exercise routine and reduced a lot of stress generating activities. Since I was barred from raising my voice, I started to feel calm and became a good listener too. The testimony to her skills is the simple fact that I have had no voice related problems for the last 8 years, although I continue to teach and communicate with my patients on a regular basis.

Anand Prakash

Systems Engineer, TCS, Mumbai India

The pitch of my voice was very high. People mistook me for a woman on the phone. In just a few sessions of voice therapy, my pitch improved significantly to a normal range. Dr. Nayak has excellent therapy skills and in depth knowledge about the voice.

Madan Mohan Kabra

Bhilwara, Rajasthan India

My daughter had suddenly lost her voice completely in 2005. I had shown her to many ENT specialists. They found nothing wrong with her voice box and no problem was identified in any diagnosis. But Dr. Nayak’s diagnosis was excellent and my daughter’s voice was satisfactorily restored. I am really thankful to you.

Sandeep Pardhi

Software Engineer, Opus Software Solutions, Pune India

My voice used to be shaky and crack so much that I didn’t want to hear myself. Dr. Sadhana Nayak put me through a voice therapy program which has resulted in considerable improvement. Now I know that there are excellent voice treatments and therapy without medicines and surgery.

Sangeetha Narayanan

Singer, Finalist Gandharva Sangeetham Music Reality Show 2009, Mumbai India

My voice was very hoarse when I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak for a consultation. I am very happy with the positive changes that I can see in my voice. With her voice therapy and training techniques, my voice got clearer, my pitch range improved and I am able to reach the high notes more easily. Her approach is very effective.

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