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Kathleen Mulligan

Actress, Vocal Coach, Associate Professor of Voice & Speech, Ithaca College, New York, U.S.A

In Dr. Sadhana Nayak I have found a kindred spirit as a vocal trainer for actors and other voice professionals. Her practical approach, extensive subject knowledge and years of experience allow her to offer the gold standard in the treatment of vocal health issues and training of the voice. Her commitment to treating the origin of vocal problems rather than simply treating the results of vocal misuse provides her clients with the tools needed to reverse vocal problems and prevent them from returning. I am proud to count her among my professional colleagues and will always continue to welcome opportunities to collaborate with her.

Seema Mody

Reporter Anchor CNBC TV, New York, U.S.A

Great experience for an Indian American to become familiarized with the Indian accent and pronunciation. Dr. Sadhana took me through the entire training program in an organized, clear and systematic way. It was an amazing way to get acquainted with the Indian dialogue. Thanks for everything Dr. Sadhana.

Shalmali Sukhthankar

Professional Singer & Finalist Zee Sa Re Ga Ma 2008, Mumbai India

Back in 2008, I was struggling with nodules on my vocal cords. I had my 1st episode of the TV reality show Sa re ga ma almost at my doorstep. My ENT recommended that I should go to Dr. Nayak for voice therapy. I wasn’t sure if I could sing at all for my episode which was to be shot in a month or two. But after I started my therapy with Dr. Nayak I was totally fine by the time of my 1 st episode. My nodules had completely gone. Cut to 2017…. I had to improve my range for some songs that were high pitched. So I went to Dr. Nayak again for range improvement and right singing and breathing technique…And her exercises are proving to be very effective. With regular practice I can go to my upper range more easily. I can feel more openness in my voice now than prior to the therapy.

Vishal Lal

Hockey Commentator, Star Sports, Mumbai India

Dr. Sadhana Nayak’s training was really outstanding. I realised that I could improve my voice with these simple but excellent power booster exercises. Three cheers to you Dr. Sadhana. Hip Hip Hooray!

Vinod Kumar Agarwal

Creative Producer - Motion Pictures, Feature Films & Entertainment, Mumbai India

I contacted  Dr.Sadhana Nayak when I was doing a theatre workshop with Ekjute. Nadeera Babbar was doing a new play “Pencil se Brush tak”. When she heard my voice she commented I had to work on my voice. I realised I need voice training if I have to get a role in the play. I consulted Dr Sadhana Nayak and did a one to one intensive voice training program with her. My voice showed a lot of improvement. I got the role and I fulfilled my dream of performing at Prithvi theatre.

Saloni Sharma

Actress, Mumbai India

I am delighted and pleasantly surprised with the changed quality and texture of my voice. I feel much more at ease with a voice that does not crack and does not sound rough. My breath has become stronger and my speech and diction has also improved. A big thank you to you Dr. Nayak.

Birjees Dost

Drama Artiste & Journalist, All India Radio, Mumbai India

I could never have imagined that voice training and care is available in Mumbai. And Dr. Sadhana Nayak can be singularly credited for bringing it to India. I trained in the voice as well as accent with her. She is an amazing teacher. Her training sessions are unique and she makes it both interesting and easy to learn. Her training has given me added confidence to infuse more depth and intensity into characterization. Urdu is my mother tongue and many people have asked me to teach them Urdu. But I didn’t know how to do that. But after her lessons in English accent training, it has interestingly given me the confidence to teach Urdu. I wish Dr. Nayak a lot of professional success.

Prrani Agarwal

Actress, Mumbai India

This is the best workshop, I have done. I learnt new techniques to improve my voice and connect it to my body in the right manner. I am clear about using my voice and projecting it. Dr. Sadhana is a brilliant coach for your voice and the connection of your voice, body and mind. She involved us with ease and interesting explanations, without pushing us. She took us effortlessly through different modules and was very supportive. It was a great learning experience for me. The knowledge she gave is something I will treasure my entire life.

Vaibhav Gupta

Actor, Mumbai India

I never thought one could work on the voice in such a scientific and logical manner. Being aware of the held up tensions in my body and being connected to my breath was my biggest learning from her workshop.

Sumit Kumar

Actor, Mumbai India

The science and physiology of voice that Dr. Nayak taught at the workshop was new and informational. I gained awareness of my body and breath. I can inculcate the exercises in my daily practice. I learnt a lot of warm up exercises which I can use before any audition or performance.

Natascha Chadha

Entrepreneur, Writer & Performer, TEDx Speaker, Mumbai India

I found Dr. Nayak’s voice workshop very useful for vocal warm ups, projection, widening the vocal range and relaxation. I loved the breathing techniques, which were very relaxing and also energizing.

Nikita Sudhir

Media & Public Relations Professional, Dubai

Dr. Nayak’s training has improved my vocal delivery significantly both in terms of voice and speech. The sessions were fun, useful and practical. Enjoyed learning from you Dr. Nayak.

Maneesh Philip

Singer, Chicago U.S.A

I have found Dr. Nayak’s voice training extremely useful and interesting. I feel as if it has opened a new and a different avenue in my voice. I learnt a lot of things about my voice that I would have never learned without this training. I appreciate the lessons you have given me.

Leena Kulkarni

Singer, Mumbai India

After searching for years, I finally received the right direction from you. You are a genius. You corrected all my errors in singing using simple & effective techniques. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.

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