Corporate and Professional Speakers

Dr. Sushant Shinde M.D

Founder & Director, QUEST Medical Academy, TEDx Speaker, Mumbai, India

I am a doctor and a teacher. And teaching for long hours used to leave me with a sore throat very often. That’s when I met Dr. Sadhana Nayak. Before meeting her, I must admit that I was skeptical about how much she could help me as I had only read about her over the internet. Being a doctor added to my confusion, as this is a very unique field of medicine that not many doctors are trained in. However, meeting her was one of the best professional decisions of my teaching career. Her therapy and training helped me improve my understanding of the voice as a tool and to correct errors in my speaking technique while teaching. And the results have been amazing! Within weeks of her training, I could literally sing even after talking for 8 hours. I believe that anyone who needs to use his/her voice professionally should meet Dr. Nayak once. Learning the skills will prevent many mistakes that we all are prone to do. What’s more is your voice will find a new expression!

Dinesh Rahubedde

CEO, Seeds Intimate Apparel- JV Brandix Group, Visakhapatnam, India

I am fortunate to have met with such a wonderful professional and human being. She put me through a well-constructed and tailor made training program to transform my communication skills organically through mind and body. I truly admire Dr. Nayak’s professional approach towards the training program, the attention to detail and personal touch. She uses effective and excellent techniques and the entire training program is measured based on qualitative factors rather than being quantitative. In the end I had a great sense of achievement and had fulfilled the requirements as I had envisaged.  More importantly, with Dr. Nayak’s abundant knowledge and experience she was able to get the best out of me and elevate my confidence & leadership skills. With my experience of her coaching, I highly recommend Dr. Nayak’s corporate training program for aspirant corporate leaders. Thank you for your guidance and effort Dr. Nayak, all the very best!

Mr. Narendra Vachharajani

Head of Operations & IST, Essar Energy, Mumbai, India

I am a senior corporate professional and transitioning into life coaching & mentoring. As a precursor to my new career, I consulted Dr Sadhana Nayak for voice coaching as I wanted to improve my tone, diction and overall vocal delivery. Dr Nayak fulfilled all these requirements with perfect professionalism and great deal of passion and personal interest. Her training methods are personalized and are highly user friendly. As a person too, I found her very warm, friendly and approachable. I am very impressed with the voice training she did with me and wish her continuing success in her practice.

Mohit Kumar

Senior Vice President, IDFC Ltd., Mumbai, India

Unequivocally, I can say that I am a huge beneficiary of Dr. Sadhana Nayak’s training. It has been a great and exciting journey over the last 10 years. I met Dr. Nayak because my voice was not effective enough for my professional communication. Being schooled in vernacular medium, my pronunciation also was not in consonance with the requirements of the corporate world. The training started with unlearning all the bad habits that restricted my voice and learning all the basic building blocks of voice and speech. I can say with certainty that the training has helped me immensely. It has improved my confidence and helped me become a better speaker. I keep coming back and take training sessions even now, to hone my skills further.

Alishha Sachdev

International Image Consultant & Etiquette Trainer, Mumbai, India

As an international image consultant and etiquette trainer, I communicate with clients frequently, during one-to-one sessions and while conducting workshops. I realized that our voice is one of the most important mediums for communication. The training imparted by Dr. Sadhana Nayak helped me communicate effectively with my clients. Through her fun and interactive method of learning, she helped me understand the importance of relaxation along with breathing techniques and how it directly affects the pitch, strength and tone of voice. She also helped me globalize my accent resulting in effortless communication with people belonging to different countries and cultures. Thank you Dr. Nayak for the transformation you have brought about in me.

Shahwar Khan

Senior Executive, Glencore India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India

First of all a big “Thank you” for helping me in my last minute preparation for my keynote presentation in Kolkata. Without your help it was impossible. You corrected and modified my presentation content and also directed me on how to present it in the right way. My presentation went off very well and got a lot of compliments…and the credit goes to YOU. With your training not only my voice was clear but also my confidence level was much better.

Ms. Delshad D Master

Indian Air Force Squadron Leader

Speaking without even realizing that I wasn’t breathing right and that my breathing wasn’t just the only cause of my discomfort but other deep seated anxieties and tensions also needed to be handled, before I could bring out a more confident and self assured voice. This is the lesson I take back from here. It takes a true professional like Dr. Sadhana Nayak to accurately and objectively analyze your voice problem, find the root cause of it and then work hand in hand with you to help you rectify it. This would not have been possible without the keen eye or rather ear and the expertise and years of experience of Dr. Nayak. Thank you for helping me find my breath and my true voice.

Mahesh Vishe Ph.D

Researcher, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, U.S.A

Dr. Nayak’s vocal training included many things ranging from breathing, posture to speech clarity and modulation exercises. I noticed a definite improvement in my voice in the few sessions that I did with her in Mumbai. I am sure I will see more improvement after I return to the U.S and practise regularly. Thank you Dr. Nayak!

Mehlam Zainuddin

Professor, Jamea Saifeyah, Surat India

You have helped me understand “Voice”. I look at it in a different light now.

Maya More

Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai India

I’ve always had a soft voice, which reduced to a mumble in daily speech and especially during presentations. Dr. Sadhana Nayak’s techniques have helped me go to the cause of the problem and it has immediately benefitted me in feeling confident physically and developing a better projection and better control over my voice.

Dr. Mita Dixit

Founding Partner, Equations Management Consulting, Mumbai India

Excellent training! It has helped me a lot, by learning things which are very important for a speaker like me. Dr. Nayak’s style of teaching is very good. Would love to learn more from you.

Supratim Halder

Lead, Business Process Excellence, Mondelez International, Mumbai India

I trained in accent neutralization and diction with Dr. Sadhana Nayak as I had a strong regional accent. Dr. Nayak teaches in a very unique and systematic way. The process that she followed is excellent.  I have learnt to pronounce correctly which has made me very confident and clear in my communication.

Vinayak Desai

Associate Director, Information Security, Mumbai India

As advocated by Stephen R Covey, ‘Sharpening the Saw’, i. e continually renewing yourself, your tools, techniques is one of the seven habits of highly effective people, which is mostly overlooked or underestimated by others. In fact the most important tool we use every day, almost non- stop in business meetings, presentations, interviews, is ‘our voice’. But we often neglect it or think that it cannot be improved. I have further observed that it is not only Amitabh Bacchan or Ameen Sayani, but also many corporate executives, whose success is attributable to their voice. When this dawned on me, I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak to better my voice. With her accurate analysis of my voice and personally administered exercise plan, I got my natural, better sounding voice in 6 weeks. And of course, a better job too, with more authority and responsibility.

R Narsimhamurthy

Technology Manager, Givaudan India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

I had a very soft voice before I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak.  This was affecting my presentations. Dr. Nayak’s personalized training has helped me learn how to energise my presentations. I feel a lot more confident than what I was earlier. Thanks!

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